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Valve Design
SPX FLOW is a leading innovator of solutions with decades of experience in valve design. Years of intensive product development on a worldwide scale, has enabled SPX FLOW to offer a complete range of hygienic valves in the brewery, dairy, food, beverage, chemical, health care and pharmaceutical industries.
SPX FLOW APV's safety valve product line includes:
APV UF and UFR Relief Valve
SPX APV has especially developed the DELTA UF pressure relief valve to protect installations against excess pressure. If the set pressure is exceeded, the valve opens.
Main advantages:
- Optimum clean-ability.
- No stroke limitation by seat lift actuator; the full opening cross section is available during cleaning.
- Very easy to service.
- 3A approved and ATEX compliant

APV RG4 Modulating Valve
The RG4 modulating valve is designed for continuous flow and pressure control. It is equipped with a diaphragm actuator and positioner. Suitable for hygienic applications or aseptic industries.
Main features:
- 3A approved and ATEX compliant
- Profile seals with ID markings that eliminate gaps and facilitate ordering of spares.
- Flexible design for varying Kvs values
- Valve design and testing according to DIN IEC 534.

APV RGE4 Modulating Valve
The hygienic APV RGE4 modulating valve is suited for the continuous control of element flows in the beverage and food industries, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It can be used for flow or pressure control. In its basic construction, the DELTA RGE4 valve is designed as on/off valve, realizing a favorable diversion of flows.
Main advantages:
- 3A approved
- Marked profile seals ensuring prompt and safe identification of seal material
- Easy to maintain - the valve insert can be lifted out completely.
- All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L / 1.4404 (DIN EN 100888) stainless steel

APV CPV Constant Pressure Valve
The CPV constant pressure diaphragm valve forms part of the pneumatically operated pressure regulating and pressure holding valves which keep process pressures constant in process technological plants of the food and beverage as well as of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries (e.g. application of separators, pasteurizers and UHT plants, fillers, etc.).
Main advantages:
- Capable of working in both flow directions (upstream and downstream)
- Precise valve cone control with multi-layer flat diaphragm design (long service life)
- Perfected cleanability – no dead areas, no crevices – fully open valve for sufficient CIP throughput
- All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L / 1.4404 (DIN EN 100888) stainless steel

APV RUF3 Check Valve
The APV RUF3 check valve is used at places in production lines where a backflow of product must be prevented. When the pressure is balanced, the valve starts closing by spring force so that it is also closed when the pressure on the spring side rises.
Main advantages:
- Profile seals with ID markings that eliminate gaps and facilitate ordering of spares.
- Easy to maintain - the intermediate flange design means that the valve can easily be removed from the line.
- Flexible design - the valve can be installed horizontally or vertically.
- All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L / 1.4404 (DIN EN 100888) stainless steel

APV VPN Check Valve
The APV DELTA VPN valve is used in places at which the reflux of liquids into the pipeline must be prevented. The valve opens through the pressure of the liquid against the spring-loaded valve disc. The closing process is introduced by the preloaded spring when the liquid flow into the flow direction stops.

APV PR2 Sampling Valve
If product safety is your top priority, you should use the APV PR2 sampling valve. With this valve, bacteriologically safe samples can be taken directly from the pipeline.
Main advantages:
- Prevention of infection thanks to a PTFE shaft and a special shaft guide. No additional seat seal required.
- Cleaning is assured. No dead pockets in the valve body.
- Internal diameter of valve and pipe cross section is identical.
- Problem-free reconstruction from manual to pneumatic operation and vice versa, possible at any time.
- Problem-free integration in an inline system.
- All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L / 1.4404 (DIN EN 100888) stainless steel

APV VRA and VRAH Vacuum Valve
In the brewing, beverage, dairy and food sector, vacuum valves APV VRA and APV VRAH are used to protect tanks and vessels against vacuum.
Main advantages:
- Precise response accuracy
- Gas-tight design
- Maintenance-free pneumatic seat lift actuator for remote function control.
- Optimum clean-ability through ball-shaped housing.
- No shaft guide in product chamber.
- Cleaning of the inside of the housing by a special spray nozzle.
- No dripping or splashing of fluids during cleaning due to a drip tray.
- All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L / 1.4404 (DIN EN 100888) stainless steel

APV SI2 Safety Valve
The spring-loaded full-stroke APV SI2 safety valve is approved for fluids and gases. In the beverage and food industry as well as in pharmaceutical applications, the valve safeguards tanks and other containers against inadmissible excess pressure.
Main advantages:
- Hygienic design
- Ideally suited for CIP applications
- All product-contact parts finished to Ra ≤ 0.8 µm.
- Pneumatic or manual operation
- The pneumatic seat lifting device can be equipped with proximity switches for feedback signals.
- Quick and easy seal replacement
- All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L / 1.4404 (DIN EN 100888) stainless steel

APV CU4 Control Units
The CU4 series is a portfolio of control units that allows users to safely, efficiently, and reliably process their products. Each CU4 offers advanced functionality and features at a price-competitive value. These innovative control units can be used on any pneumatically-operated SPX FLOW sanitary valve.
Main advantages:
- Safety, efficiency, clarity, and reliability at a competitive price
- Ultra bright LEDs for clear indication of valve position, power, and solenoid activation
- High precision position sensors with easy adjustment
- Manual override solenoids and adjustment screw to throttle actuator air flow
- Ability to retrofit and upgrade on existing valves.

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About SPX FLOW and APV
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX FLOW innovates with customers to help feed and enhance the world by designing, delivering and servicing high value solutions at the heart of growing and sustaining our diverse communities.
APV, an SPX FLOW Brand, provides a unique range of highly functional solutions, systems and products that address key business drivers. SPX FLOW bases its APV solutions on advanced technology products including pumps, valves, homogenizers, mixers and heat exchangers, as well as production efficiency experience, development expertise, maintenance management and regulatory compliance.

Catalogue/ Brochure/ Technical Specification

All APV Valves Valve Key
APV UF and UFR Relief Valve Brochure
APV UF and UFR Relief Valve User Manual
APV RG4 Modulating Valve Brochure
APV RG4 Modulating Valve User Manual
APV RGE4 Modulating Valve Brochure
APV RGE4 Modulating Valve User Manual
APV CPV Constant Pressure Valve Brochure
APV CPV Constant Pressure Valve User Manual
APV RUF3 Check Valve Brochure
APV RUF3 Check Valve User Manual
APV VPN Check Valve User Manual
APV PR2 Sampling Valve Brochure
APV PR2 Sampling Valve User Manual
APV VRA and VRAH Vacuum Valve Brochure
APV VRA Vacuum Valve User Manual
APV SI2 Safety Valve Brochure
APV SI2 Safety Valve User Manual
APV CU4 Control Units Brochure
APV CU4 Control Units User Manual


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