Sanitary Seals for Pipings
Pipetite® brand products provide improved sanitation and aesthetics when sealing around tube and pipe. Pipetite® is required in hygienic processing facilities around the world because of its unparalleled performance and design. Offering a full line of wall boots, sleeve boots, and grommets, Pipetite provides solutions for sealing penetrations through walls, floors, electrical boxes, and more.
Pipetite® brand products are designed with food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other hygienic facilities in mind. Using FDA-approved, flexible, silicone and 316 stainless steel materials, Pipetite products are a truly sanitary solution.
Pipetite Products
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  • Standard

    For new tubing installation

    Pipetite's base incorporates self-sealing lips that provide flexibility and eliminate the need to "pack" the product off the wall. Pipetite can be adapted to fit most pipe or tube diameters and allows the pipe to move significantly without causing damage or breaking the seal between the wall and the pipe.

  • ReBoot

    For existing tubing installation

    Pipetite ReBoot is a retrofit wall boot that wraps around tube or pipe that is already installed. ReBoot can be adapted to fit most existing pipe or tube diameters and allows the pipe to move significantly without causing damage or breaking the seal between the wall and the pipe.

  • Flat

    For jacketed tank installation or cover hole

    Pipetite Flat allows you to fit a Pipetite wall boot in spaces where a Pipetite Standard is too tall. Pipetite Flat fits tube or pipe with an outer diameter of 0 to 5 inches. Caulks and sealants are not required for installation. Superior flexibility allows the pipe to move significantly without breaking the seal.

  • Grommet

    For cabinet, enclosure, panel

    Pipetite Grommets provide a seal for penetrations in cabinets, panels, and enclosures. The flexible lip seal makes installation fast and easy. They are available in five sizes to fit 1/4-7 inch diameter pipe, tubing, or hose.

  • Sleeve Boot

    For pipe-to-pipe transitions

    Pipetite Sleeve Boot seals tube in tube floor penetrations with self-sealing lips that provide flexibility and allow for movement. Silicone or other sealants are not required during installation. The Sleeve Boot is made for 4 or 6 inch pipe and can be cut to fit a process line up to 5.31 inches.

  • Anchor

    For mounting Pipetite Standard, Flat and ReBoot

    Pipetite Anchors are self-sufficient, they do not require any additional bonding agents. As a drive-style fasteners, Pipetite Anchors are hammered into place. This leaves a smooth, recess-free surface for a clean appearance that won't collect dirt and grime.

About Pipetite®
Pipetite provides a flexible, sanitary seal around pipe and tube, without the headache of wall plates.
Pipetite® is designed to completely seal around pipe and tube as it passes through walls and floors. Unlike metal wall plates or escutcheons, Pipetite is completely flexible, so it stays in place and maintains a seal despite pipeline vibration and movement.

Catalogue/ Brochure/ Technical Specification

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